Hiya! I’m Kayti.

Not to be confused with Katie, Katy, Katey....you get the picture. Because let's be honest, I have a lifetime of name misspelling both behind and ahead of me.

Creating has always been an outlet for me, but after years of searching for the perfect career, I finally decided to pursue the dream that I never though could pay the bills: being a full-time maker. 

I’m not necessarily an expert on any one thing, but I do like to dabble in a lot of different things and have an eclectic set of life experiences. You’ll find writings about my life experiences as well as travel, budgeting, and all things crafty. 

My husband Scott and I now live in the Dallas/Forth Worth area with our little girl and two bear-sized dogs.

After 5 years as an emergency hservices dispatcher, I hung up my headset to stay home with my baby girl. 

For inquiries, please send a friendly message from my contact page or email me at: kayti@ruffledblues.com