Hiya! I’m Kayti.

Not to be confused with Katie, Kati, Katy....you get the picture. Because let's be honest, I have a lifetime of name misspelling both behind and ahead of me.

Creating has always been an outlet for me, but only in my spare time. After years of searching for the perfect career, I was finally able to turn my passion into my full-time gig.

I really just love to make beautiful things, but I especially enjoy making things for moms and babies. And as someone with a uniquely spelled name, getting to personalize gifts is extra special to me.

My husband Scott and I just celebrated our 12th wedding anniversary. Although we met in high school, we weren't high school sweethearts (he wishes!). We now live in the Dallas/Forth Worth area with our little girl and three bear-sized dogs.

When I'm not making things or spending time with my family, I'm a big fan of true crime, reading, travel, and time alone.