Badge Buddy

Badge Buddy

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Wear an ID badge for work? Dress it up with a badge buddy. The perfect compliment to your bland ID card, your credentials can be displayed underneath in a cute, easy to read way. Would also make the perfect gift for any of your nurse, teacher, student, or dispatcher friends.

Made out of 1/8" thick acrylic, your badge buddy will be durable and eye-catching.

Title/credentials are laser engraved and filled with acrylic paint for a cute, yet permanent look.

Horizontal: 3.375"(W) x 3.125" (H)

Extended Horizontal: 3.375" (W) x 4.374" (H)

Vertical: 2.25" (W) x4.35" (H)

Extended Vertical: 2.25" (W) x 5.50" (H)

Regular sizing is recommended for ID cards that will be able to sit directly on top of the badge buddy. If your ID badge must be in a plastic sleeve, the extended sizing is recommended, otherwise your title will not be visible.

Can be customized with any name, credential, title, role, etc, but please keep in mind that space is limited so the text size will be adjusted for fit.

Although durable, acrylic will develop scratches over time, though they will be small and only perceptible at certain angles. This is to be expected and will less visibile in certain colors of acrylic.